"JB" is easily one of the best sellers I have ever dealt with. Along with having some of the finest Guyana BCC on the planet, he's truthful about his boas and very helpful in all aspects of boa care both before and after purchase. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a high quality, beautiful boa for their collection!

- Yvonne Carpenter

Sharp Sunglow

I stated on the homepage that my goal is to focus on Guyanese BCC. I then stated on the About page that my passion lies with the Guyanese BCC. This is all true. However, everyone has a DEVIANT side! Mine just happens to be an appreciation for morphs!

The final morph I purchased is a beautiful Sharp Sunglow. I also purchased this 2008 female Sharp Sunglow from Mike Weitzman of Basically Boas. I had already purchased another animal from Mike previously and told him exactly what I was looking for in a Sharp Sunglow. As soon as this girl was born, Mike sent me an email with a picture and I emailed back immediately telling him she was SOLD!

What drew me to this particular Sharp Sunglow was her thick saddles, and bright orange coloration. For some reason, breeders have focused on thinning-out the saddles on hypos and Sunglows but I'm a big fan of contrast in my animals and this girl has it! Those big thick saddles REALLY pop with color!

The project I mentioned above is that I want a neat looking pet. Simple as that. I want the pet to be a combination of my 4 favorite mutations in boa constrictors. This Sharp Sunglow has two of those genes, the hypo and Sharp albino mutations! I'm hoping to produce a male from the Pastel Hypo Jungle paired with the Sharp albino that looks like his father (either in hypo form or not) and is heterozygous for Sharp albino. Should I be lucky enough to do that, he will be paired with this female in a couple of years to make my pet!

Check out the previous two pages, "Pastel Hypo Jungle" and "Sharp Albino" for more information.